November 30, 2003

As both I and J., my gracious host, were felled with colds, it was a fairly media-heavy Thanksgiving. However, there were also artichokes and champagne and sushi and J.'s splendid cat to complain that we weren't playing with him enough, so it wasn't monotonous.

The Italian Job aired on the bus between New York and Boston. Moderately entertaining caper film with some funny bits (mostly provided by Seth Green) and a pleasing lack of bloodiness. The very end pushed my suspension of disbelief just a little too far, though--why wouldn't the Ukrainians just shoot everybody and take all the gold?

8 Mile I've been meaning to see for ages, as Eminem and I seem to be the only white people who grew up inside that boundary since the riots. As J. is a big, if mostly ironic, fan, we rented it. Quite a strong entry in the rock-coming-of-age genre, not to mention a hilarious look into Eminem's fantasy adolescence in which he wasn't just an asshole. The cinematography was accomplished, and, yes, Detroit really does look like that. "Lose Yourself" is still a great song. Whoops, there goes gravity...

We then took a break to watch "Shattered" and whatever the Angel episode of that week was. J. was very bitter that I harshed her mellow with the SV ("Why did we have to watch it on Thanksgiving?!?!" "To give thanks for good TV! Not to mention that the breakup finally seems to have taken!"). The Angel episode did not give me any reason to regret having dropped the show in S3. I was actually mildly intrigued when I heard about the shift in premise, but what a giant lot of unsympathetic prats. I know Jenny-O thinks "Angel is a jackass" doesn't really qualify as an analysis, but I stand behind it. However...wooooo, LINDSEY!

The next day, we watched Trouble in Paradise, a pre-Code Lubitsch (The Shop Around the Corner, remade recently as You've Got Mail) comedy which I'd seen a couple of times at the Brattle but was thrilled to recently discover has just been released on DVD. It didn't clean up as pretty as the same company's Third Man release, but given the age of the print, I'm sure they did the best they could. It's about a pair of lovebird jewel thieves and their elaborate scheme to defraud a rich and charming young widow of some of her fortune. This is a sparkling and effervescent comedy, perhaps a trifle twee, but a darn good time, and boasting fantastic period sets and costumes (if you look carefully, you can see that Mme. Colet's fox coat sports not only the tail of the fox, but also the head--yikes!). It makes you regret American cinema's deliberate self-infantilization. In some ways, our film still hasn't recovered.

We wrapped it all up with a Brattle viewing of Casablanca, which I have seen so many times that I now mostly absorb it as a glorious dream sequence of gorgeous silvers and shadows rather than an actual plot. Except for that last scene, of course--who could fail to register every word and expression there? I'm as fond as ever of Victor Laszlo, on whom I imagine Commodore Norrington was modelled.

On my return, I caught the 1 am showing of "Hereafter," of which so much has already been said I don't think I need to add much, except to express my heartfelt appreciation of how this season has taken the somewhat stodgy material of S1, tightened the drama, increased the spark between the characters, and chased genuine drama and humor without stumbling into camp. I love my Leaguers.

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The WB is out to kill me, man.

That, or drive me into writing songfic.

Historical vindication is rarely so sweet. Or so....*sniffle*

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November 22, 2003

"secret society"

Oh, man. JL, I loved and trusted you. I didn't expect you to turn around and traumatize me, too!

*tries to find airing of My Little Ponies* (though this week, it'd probably turn out to be the one where the Mommy Horse gets sent to the glue factory...)

(Have to admit, though, I loved the little Challenge of the Superfriends homage...)

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November 21, 2003

Augh! This is the second time in less than two weeks that some dimwit has dropped a major spoiler--not a "spoiler" for an episode that's at least already aired, not a casting spoiler, but a giant plot point spoiler--on ClarkLex. That's it. If there's a compelling argument for LJ over mailing lists, it's that you can tailor your reading list to remove slack-jawed morons who can't follow the simplest, least controversial, most clearly-expressed rules to preserve the fun for others. I've been a member of ClarkLex since a couple of days after it was founded, but this is too much.


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Seven. Weeks.

I'm still slain.

This must have been much what it was like to watch "Becoming" when it first aired, totally unspoiled. ("Becoming" was a better episode, and more effectively integrated into the whole season, but I speak here of raw emotional impact.)

If I play "Hurt" one more time in a row, my roommate will probably call a mental health hotline on me.

It will never cease to amaze me how this show can, one week, plumb the depths of mediocrity ("Magnetic") and then stun us the next. Even from scene to scene, this is the most schizophrenic show I have ever watched in terms of theme and quality.

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November 19, 2003


That's it. Fandom has finally broken me. I quit.

*runs off to hide under her binkie*

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"Shattered" spoilers at 8:19 pm


Five bucks says he's faking. But STILL! *whimpers*

*snif* He's not faking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No coping! NO COPING!

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"Yayyyy! We're doomed!"

Invader Zim DVDs to be released in spring 2004!

*dances like a monkey*

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November 18, 2003

The spammers have finally hit this blog, so I've installed MT-Blacklist. If anyone has any problems with posting after this, please let me know.

Re: "Knight of Shadows": I can tell when I truly love a character when I can't even bear to watch him make a mistake (the Tim Bayliss test). Oh, man. *covers eyes so as not to see poor ensorcelled J'onn*

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On the other hand, it can be a little surprising how so many in the supposedly tolerant slash community haven't mastered the YKIOKIJNMK principle ("your kink is okay, it's just not my kink"). Sure, it's appropriate at any time to say "Celery-fucking? That's just not my gig, so I'm not going to read porn that depends on it--it won't work for me." It's also appropriate to say "Well, this celery porn was totally implausible, badly-written, etc." But since when is it appropriate to say that celery-fucking is just gross and it doesn't make sense for people to people to read or write celery porn? Kinks themselves are value-neutral, folks. It's how you act on them that matters. And when it comes to the fanfic, we're simply speaking of fantasy, which harms no one and is strictly a matter of personal preference--which means bashing celery porn per se is just being rude.

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Good old Massachusetts. I knew you could do it!

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Dear fannish universe,

Unless you are writing about a completely alien culture, parent-child incest is not some beautiful, tender expression of familial affection. It's just not. I know writing plain old slash just doesn't feel as naughty as it used to. However, you can have that thrilling transgressiveness or you can have your schmoop. You don't get both. Not if you don't want your reader sticking her head in the toilet bowl. Or wondering: "Has this author ever even met...another human being? Like, ever?"

There are other kinks you could try, if you've just got to be transgressive. Consider the possibilities of bestiality! It's a whole new world! And I doubt anyone will be very offended if you have Lionel murmur tender endearments while choirs of angels sing in the middle of a passionate-yet-tender-yet-erotic goat-fucking.

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November 15, 2003

"the terror beyond"

I'm sorry, but an Aquaman-Solomon Grundy teamup *really* doesn't make my heart sing. More discriminating usage of canon villains, people!!!

ETA: Huh. I didn't realize that DC had licensed Lovecraft.

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November 12, 2003

My plotline is coming true! *jumps up and down*

And next week--!

Basically, this episode was about ten minutes long. I really don't remember the rest. I imagine Lana figured into it somehow.

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