June 15, 2003

Jane St. Clair, Always Hungry

Jane St. Clair is always technically competent, but her takes on the characters tend to be so orthogonal to mine as to leave me bewildered and shut out of her stories. Not so with this one. Pyro is a tricky character to write--a fairly ordinary, not especially bright, sullen seventeen-year-old going through earthshattering changes. It's not easy to convey the subterranean upheavals he must be experiencing, but Jane does it convincingly here.

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June 08, 2003

Pearl-O, Night One

Pearl-O and her love for sullen boys. I'm so not surprised she wrote X2 fic.

Since I watched the movie, I've been reading through Bobby/John fic, and I've been appalled by the number of stories which make Bobby cheating on Rogue with John apparently not an issue at all. Why honor a het relationship when it gets in the way of the big gay nub? (Not that I think a teenage boy cheating is unbelievable--but I'd like to get the impression that the author at least thinks it's unethical.)

Pearl-O avoids this issue by making John's attraction to Bobby (and perhaps vice versa?) a quiet and unspoken thing, expressed in a roundabout way. Honestly, it's about fifty times more believable of teenage boys than normal. The whole story has a dreamy, muted tone that feels right. Pearl-O's becoming a more subtle and thoughtful writer with each story.

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Andraste, Ten Thousand Candles

It's a somewhat different take on Xavier than mine, but certainly a valid one, and I really appreciate the way this story takes seriously what was weirdly ignored by the movie. A delicate portrait of grief and guilt and coming to terms.

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Shalott, Going Down

Hot and clever and I can always forgive someone for preempting my idea if she does it as effectively as Shalott does here.

I do think that this story needed to deal, if only for a sentence or two, with what Magneto did to Xavier at the end of the movie. That it doesn't is a flaw that unfortunately catches my eye more the more I reread it. But it's still damn compelling. I had to rec it.

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