June 08, 2003

Pearl-O, Night One

Pearl-O and her love for sullen boys. I'm so not surprised she wrote X2 fic.

Since I watched the movie, I've been reading through Bobby/John fic, and I've been appalled by the number of stories which make Bobby cheating on Rogue with John apparently not an issue at all. Why honor a het relationship when it gets in the way of the big gay nub? (Not that I think a teenage boy cheating is unbelievable--but I'd like to get the impression that the author at least thinks it's unethical.)

Pearl-O avoids this issue by making John's attraction to Bobby (and perhaps vice versa?) a quiet and unspoken thing, expressed in a roundabout way. Honestly, it's about fifty times more believable of teenage boys than normal. The whole story has a dreamy, muted tone that feels right. Pearl-O's becoming a more subtle and thoughtful writer with each story.

Posted by Sarah T. at June 8, 2003 02:44 AM
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