April 13, 2003

Te, The Job

See Sarah's agenda: There Is Not Enough Brimstone Fic. Damnit.

This one is...a bit talky, I think; Te is getting Jamesian in her old age. However, the concept...yes. It's haunted me ever since I first saw the series. And, of course, Satan is his charming self.

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February 17, 2003

Sheila, Love, All Alike (LotR)

What happened to those who didn't go to the Havens? This is not, perhaps, the weightiest of all LotR stories, but there's a sadness there that echoes the sadness of the end of the books, and that's darned hard to do. Extra points for a style that is not an explicit pastiche, but still fits painlessly into the Tolkien world (which is frankly so hard that I rarely bother with LotR stories at all).

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October 06, 2002

Kyra Cullinen, Girls Grow Quicker than Books

A Narnia reflection. Growing up, loss, the implacable unfairness of Lewis's world to girls that I think we all felt, beneath it all, even when we were too young to articulate it. Also interesting, if not quite meriting a separate rec, is her Angel story, Kyrie Eleison, which is too PCRish for my taste, but still effectively deploys a number of interesting details and more intelligent religious consideration than usually makes it into Angel-and-Catholicism stories (or A-and-C episodes, for that matter).

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September 07, 2002

Jungle Kitty, Kirk and Spock Go Icefishing.

I think we all stumbled across this at roughly the same time--don't know who the source was. Anyway, it is hilarious. Kirk/Spock via Fargo. I think this one requires quotage:

"Any chance I can slip ya the sausage?" Spock asks.

Kirk is pretty sure he isn't talkin' about the one in the bottom of the picnic basket that his Uncle Snowball gave him for his birthday. You know Jim's Uncle Snowball, doncha? Lives up to the Twin Cities? Nice fella, for an albino. Now what was I sayin'? No, don't tell me. Oh ya, ya. So Kirk gives Spock a lookover, never havin' thought about somethin' unnatural like that. Jimmy's had more girls than you can shake a stick at. He's a real heartbreaker who's given his mother plenty of grandchildren, but none of them named Kirk, if you get my drift.

"Well," he thinks, "Spock's kinda funny lookin', like all his folks, but he's a good boy, not full of sass like a few I could name. I'd hate to lose such a good friend, especially when he's got those tickets to the ice hockey, and it can't be worse than that trip up to the lake when Sam and me durn near got bit to death by mosquitoes. And god willing, it'll be over soon and we can have a bowl of cereal and go to sleep."

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June 22, 2002

Spike, Blasphemy

Nice little piece of creepfic (the bit about the gums is especially nasty and evocative). The prose is a little purple for Zeke, I think, but the character is so damn laconic that it's hard for me to be too insistent on this point. Sad to say, this is the only decent non-crossover Brimstone I have found out there. This must change!

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April 17, 2002

Spike, Inside Her

I haven't even gone to see this movie, because I know it will just tick me off, but the Spike can spin gold out of even this straw. Date rape, gender confusion, and roofies add up to one singularly creepy and painful story.

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LaT, Dirge

Because there should be Urban Legend slash, because Paul and Parker totally act like two guys who once had a drunken 69 and now must hate each other forever, and because LaT catches Parker's weird, annoying, sweet charm.

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August 31, 2001

Resonant, Broadway Hotel

To be honest, I've never seen a single episode of this show (Due South), so if this is horribly canon-warping, I wouldn't know--and I don't really care to, either. A gripping meditation on identity and completeness. Technically, this story is impressive, with skillful pacing and wonderfully economical but suggestive language. Emotionally, it made me ache and grin alternately, even though I had no previous investment in the characters. Definitely worth a read, even if you don't follow the fandom.

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Resonant, American Way

I still haven't seen this show. I'm starting to think I don't even want to. It can't be this good in real life.

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Jenn, Grey Water

I didn't like the X-Men movie very much; it wasn't laughably bad, but it wasn't that great. Ian McKellan's Magneto choices struck me as misguided, and since I am an old-school Magneto fan, that in and of itself would probably have been enough to torpedo the movie for me. One thing I did enjoy unreservedly, however, was Ray Park's performance as Toad. I raised my eyebrows at the Magneto/Toad pairing here, but, as always, the truth of the tale is in the telling. "Grey Water" made it all make sense, in an extremely odd, evocative, and touching way. Intelligent use of Rogue and her absorbed memories and an interesting view of Toad's past and his attitude towards his teammates are added bonuses.

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July 31, 2001

Janete, Border Men

I honestly can't speak with complete confidence about the Constantine characterization, seeing as I've only read two of the graphic novels, but it seems good enough to me. What I can talk about here, and love, is the appreciation of the raw sensuality of the old and the damaged. This is also a rare story in which a past history of sexual abuse for a villain and for a masochist works rather than serving as a cheap, hackneyed justification. I do feel obliged to warn readers, though, that this is a very graphic story; even I had one moment of out-and-out squick.

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