April 13, 2003

Te, The Job

See Sarah's agenda: There Is Not Enough Brimstone Fic. Damnit.

This one is...a bit talky, I think; Te is getting Jamesian in her old age. However, the concept...yes. It's haunted me ever since I first saw the series. And, of course, Satan is his charming self.

Posted by Sarah T. at 05:13 AM

Livia, Manifest Destiny (aka the JLA Serial)

A dazzling graphic novel distilled into text, this story has something for everyone: secret, frustrated love, angst, loyalty, sacrifice, humor, romance, hot mind-control sex, and vivid realizations of the Justice League. Not to mention a wonderfully imaginative importation of Brainiac into the SV canon. Futurefic that actually feels like Smallville fic. Huzzah! [Edit: I've been requested to note that the story hasn't been betaed yet, though it is complete.]

Special bonus rec from the same author: Just Pie.

Hookerfic that's actually sorta plausible? You bet! And it's hilarious, featuring Clark Kent, college student by day, accidental pimp daddy by night.

Posted by Sarah T. at 05:10 AM

Shalott, Behind Blue Eyes (vid)

The only reason I haven't recced this before is that she used to discourage linking to it, but apparently the coast is clear now. The only Ethan/Giles vid I know, moody and effective with amazing technical polish.

Posted by Sarah T. at 05:03 AM

Slodwick, "Clark Kent and Lex Luthor...I like the sound of that" (photomanip)

Simple, yet sexy, darkly-sophisticated, and glamorous wallpaper. What's most technically impressive about it is that the source pics aren't actually in character, but somehow Slodwick manages to sell them not as the actors, but as Clark and Lex in some mad-bad-and-dangerous-to-know future.

Posted by Sarah T. at 05:01 AM