December 14, 2002

TaraLJC, Chemistry (photomanip)

A technically-accomplished (except that the female model's arms are too damn skinny), smoothly sexy Chlex manip. I like the mood of urban sophistication; it nicely captures what the two of them could and should have in common.

Posted by Sarah T. at 01:34 PM

Livia, Many Waters

Disclamer: This is another Livia story where I contributed a bit of the plot, so you can take this rec with a grain of salt if you like. All the painful implications of the Kents' choice not to tell Lex about Desiree's powers in one little story. An uncomfortably vivid sense-story that fills in nicely one of the many gaps of this season's Lex characterization.

Posted by Sarah T. at 05:28 AM

Thamiris, Actaeon

This little vignette has some lovely grace notes and hits three of my weak points: Martha POV, Lex-with-cancer, and...compassion. Perhaps because of the story's small scale, its intellectual superstructure is more effective, less labored and intrusive, than I find it to be in many of her other stories.

Posted by Sarah T. at 05:24 AM

Christina Kamnikar, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in Mazatlan.

I really haven't been reading much Buffy fic lately, since I stopped watching the show altogether after the S6 finale. However, this is a riff off that finale. Christina shows how it's the small choices, the day-to-day, mundane things, that really determine your moral direction, or lack of it (as opposed to, say, hanging on a cross and raving). I also really liked the sense of Jonathan's history with the other characters, and the observations about Sunnydale karma.

Posted by Sarah T. at 05:12 AM