October 06, 2002

Kyra Cullinen, Girls Grow Quicker than Books

A Narnia reflection. Growing up, loss, the implacable unfairness of Lewis's world to girls that I think we all felt, beneath it all, even when we were too young to articulate it. Also interesting, if not quite meriting a separate rec, is her Angel story, Kyrie Eleison, which is too PCRish for my taste, but still effectively deploys a number of interesting details and more intelligent religious consideration than usually makes it into Angel-and-Catholicism stories (or A-and-C episodes, for that matter).

Posted by Sarah T. at 03:36 PM

Andariel, Crimson

A Chlark True Love memorial rec. *sniffle* Yes, they could've been the most fun couple ever, discovering sex with joyous snarkiness. Much like Basingstoke's previously-recced "Smallville Boys," "Crimson" captures this dynamic well.

Posted by Sarah T. at 03:32 PM

Ingrid, Seeing Clearly

A much more thoughtful look at the likely aftermath of Lionel's injuries than the show has given us so far. Like her other story on the topic, Raze Out Troubles Written, this has a plausible, empathetic look at both Lex and Lionel full of telling details; unlike "Raze Out," it doesn't have the unfortunate honking great fanfic cliche to mar the ending.

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Spike, No Particular Night or Morning

In the future, Clark and Lex just can't stop jabbing at each other. The concept is familiar, but Spike transforms it with viscerality: skin scraped raw, thudding into bruises.

Posted by Sarah T. at 03:27 PM