August 11, 2002

Spike, Apres le Deluge

Spike says this is a PCR, and didn't really post it widely. I don't think so--there's a ritual going on here, a cleansing, a change. A note-perfect view of Lex post-"Tempest."

Posted by Sarah T. at 09:11 PM

Dale, On Impermanence: Phantom Dennis

This month's retrorec is a dreamy, creepy look at Phantom Dennis circa S2, with a nice twist at the end. I almost thought they might be going in this direction in S3, before they just went down the toilet. Too bad.

Posted by Sarah T. at 09:03 PM

Livia, New Leaf

Happy future-fic, huzzah! What makes this one stand out for me is that the reconciliation is not casually achieved (this recent spate of stories where an application of Clark's Magic Penis makes Lex suddenly reconsider a life of bloody crime, or Lex's Wonder-Working Mouth dissolves forty years of bitterness, is just so thoughtless). The story is short, but it carries all the history it needs.

Besides which, it's funny and sweet and I hope Lex gets a second chance like this one.

Posted by Sarah T. at 08:56 PM

Valentine, Indelible

I am a well-established sucker for young-Lex stories, especially ones that explore the Luthor family dynamics. Especially ones in which Lionel is not rendered as a two-dimensional monster. Only three dimensions here. Short, sharp, and exceptionally painful.

Posted by Sarah T. at 08:46 PM