June 22, 2002

Yahtzee, Acid Trip

Latest in the retro-rec series, "Acid Trip" is a celebration of Xanderifficness, as well as a very fun, well-put-together time-travel story. I normally don't even bother with time travel stories because I don't trust the author to play fair, but this is a good one.

Posted by Sarah T. at 06:11 PM

Julad, "Boys! Grow Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!"

This story is the quintessential Pete, the Pete they seem to be fumbling towards on the show but never have enough time to get to. It also has weird, yet cute, wee Clark, which I confess is a weakness of mine. Excellent summer reading.

Posted by Sarah T. at 06:10 PM

Pearl-o, The Next in Line

One thing that's worried me a bit about the SV fandom is that we haven't seemed to be growing many brand new writers of merit. I've been wondering for a while if Pearl-o might not prove to be an exception, watching her improve, waiting for her breakout work. Well, this may not quite be a breakout work, but it's thoughtful, subtle, and honest. These days, I'm very glad to see a flawed Clark who is not a psycho bitch. And, yes, Chloe deserves better.

Posted by Sarah T. at 06:09 PM

Spike, Blasphemy

Nice little piece of creepfic (the bit about the gums is especially nasty and evocative). The prose is a little purple for Zeke, I think, but the character is so damn laconic that it's hard for me to be too insistent on this point. Sad to say, this is the only decent non-crossover Brimstone I have found out there. This must change!

Posted by Sarah T. at 06:08 PM