May 17, 2002

Rowan, Tomorrow We Die

The latest retro-rec. Good look at a minor character and an interesting insight into the Slayer. Some might accuse of it being a PCR, but the lack of change, the impossibility of development, the horrifying sameness, are part of the point of this one; if form follows content, I have no objections.

Posted by Sarah T. at 06:18 PM

Basingstoke, Smallville Boys

A trifle? Yes, in the sweet-tart and tasty sense. Chlark is the flavor of the moment, people! Get with the program!

Posted by Sarah T. at 06:17 PM

Jenn, Fetish

I admit it, I like my PWPs not just hot, but also funny, and this one is absurdly hilarious as well as being wicked stirring.

Posted by Sarah T. at 06:16 PM

Jayne Leitch, Die Hand Die Verletzt

I haven't yet processed the massive flow of stories that was the X-Titles challenge, but this one caught my eye. It's a little piece, nothing earth-shattering, but there's something about future-Lex's petulance and frustration that just really rang true to me.

Posted by Sarah T. at 06:15 PM