April 17, 2002

Livia, Demarcation

I should put a disclaimer here, because I consulted on the plot for this one. Nonetheless, the part I like best is the part I had nothing whatever to do with, the sex scene. It's easily the most psychologically interesting SV sex scene written in the past couple months. It's also not merely a rare happy futurefic, but a rare non-apocalyptic futurefic--instead, it's just a tale of Clark learning to come to an accommodation with Superman--which is a pleasant change, to say the least.

Posted by Sarah T. at 06:25 PM

A. C. Chapin, Alternative Lifestyle

I think I might do a series of these retro-recs, hitting Buffy fics published well before I started reading in the fandom. "Alternative Lifestyle" is the only great Buffy/Giles fic out there. The alterna-Buffy voice is fabulous, and the way she eventually connects with real-Giles is weirdly sweet. Ethan and John Constantine references, as always, a bonus.

Posted by Sarah T. at 06:24 PM

Spike, Inside Her

I haven't even gone to see this movie, because I know it will just tick me off, but the Spike can spin gold out of even this straw. Date rape, gender confusion, and roofies add up to one singularly creepy and painful story.

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LaT, Dirge

Because there should be Urban Legend slash, because Paul and Parker totally act like two guys who once had a drunken 69 and now must hate each other forever, and because LaT catches Parker's weird, annoying, sweet charm.

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