February 28, 2002

Basingtoke, Girl

Drag stories rarely work for me. They usually seem written more to hit the kink than to illuminate character, and since it's not a kink of mine, I tend to find them rather dull. However, this story at least puts the trope to some use, to examine issues of identity. Also, this particular incarnation of drag-Lex is just more plausible to me than many others: I could actually picture this Lex in these clothes. The inclusion of Bruce Wayne probably wasn't strictly necessary, but at least fits the theme. Aside from this, it's a nice, heart-tugging story of the death of Lex's mother.

Posted by Sarah T. at 02:25 PM

Prophecy Girl, Freakish

Off-kilter tale of the strangest/coolest people in Sunnydale (Giles, Oz, Tara, and Dawn) wandering through a dreamscape. This is a "Dawn is secretly a lesbian" story, a characterization I've never seen much basis for in canon--hence the reservation--but I like the vibe anyway.

Posted by Sarah T. at 02:25 PM

Te, A Piece of the Action

This one is a PWP with too much sex. Yes, yes, I know. However, I really think it did its job as erotica in the first half, and the second was gilding the lily. Still, the first half was fantastically amusing and hot Mrs. Robinson action for our Clark, so I can't object too much.

Posted by Sarah T. at 02:24 PM

Livia, Impact

No real problems with this one--just a touching and quietly sexy post-ep for "Hug" in which Lex copes with the damage he did Clark under Rickman's control and Clark wonders what else may come.

Posted by Sarah T. at 02:23 PM