January 31, 2002

Jennifer-Oksana, Breakdown

Understated but effective critique of Angel season three. If you've been reading less and less Angel fic because the direction of the show lately has depressed you, you'll want to take a look at this one.

Posted by Sarah T. at 02:32 PM

Caroline Baker, Oh, Baby

Mpreg as it ought to be, man.

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Basingstoke, At the Fifteenth Annual Evil Mastermind Convention

I'm not a huge fan of crossovers in general, especially in slash. They tend to come across as authorial wankfests rather than plausible. However, this one goes for hilarity rather than just heat and works beautifully. For some reason, organized, self-conscious evil always cracks me up.

Posted by Sarah T. at 02:31 PM

The Spike, The Butterfly Effect

It's just not right that the Spike should've written my favorite stories in not one, but two, fandoms, but there it is. If "Prognosis" was an exploration of the more intimate repercussions of "Hourglass," "Butterfly Effect" is her riff on the epic nature of the end of the episode. A simple, chilling premise explodes into a tale both terrifying and moving. Spike somehow manages to convey an overload of imagery without going over-the-top and provides excellent characterization of all involved, including Jonathan and Martha--rare accomplishments, both. I damn near cried.

Posted by Sarah T. at 02:30 PM