September 30, 2001

Shrift, Latency

Yes, I've succumbed completely to Wes/Gunn. This story does have an oddly dropped subplot, but it features glasses-play (a personal favorite, and, come on, with Wes/Gunn, it's just about inevitable) and some nice, but not heavy-handed, Wes angst.

Posted by Sarah T. at 02:52 PM

The Spike, Paean

The quiet despair of Giles after Buffy's death is perfect...just how I envision it. Unlike many drabble writers, the Spike actually makes the form work for her; the terseness is most appropriate.

Posted by Sarah T. at 02:50 PM

Jessica Harris and Te, Miss Finchley Bent Over

Just good old-fashioned dirty fun. Xander is not, to me, the most slashable of characters, but the comic value of his having a big gay wiggins never fades, and these writers are experts at it.

Posted by Sarah T. at 02:43 PM