July 31, 2001

HtH, anyway the main thing is

I have Wesley/Gunn issues, and I'm not afraid to admit it. They're two incredibly attractive men who are adorable together; their affection for each other is firmly entrenched in canon. So what's the problem with slashing them? Well, that's the problem with slashing them. Stories where the only difficulties the characters have to surmount are personal insecurities and perhaps the odd bit of denial about sexual orientation have a hard time hooking me, no matter how technically strong they are. It's strictly a matter of personal taste. The best way to salvage the W/G pairing for me, then, is to introduce the Angel Problem; that is, that Wesley's feelings about Angel have not always been exactly what one would call healthy. HtH does this brilliantly, pitting Gunn, himself unsure about how far he should go, against Wesley's miserable hopeless crushed love for Angel. Gunn talks himself into rising to the occasion, and it's totally plausible. Very evocative Wesley description and dialogue, and a strong Gunn voice. Maybe the main conceit is a touch overwritten, but it yields some wonderful lines. The story also offers hurt/comfort without the mushiness, which is always hard to do.

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