September 07, 2002

Jungle Kitty, Kirk and Spock Go Icefishing.

I think we all stumbled across this at roughly the same time--don't know who the source was. Anyway, it is hilarious. Kirk/Spock via Fargo. I think this one requires quotage:

"Any chance I can slip ya the sausage?" Spock asks.

Kirk is pretty sure he isn't talkin' about the one in the bottom of the picnic basket that his Uncle Snowball gave him for his birthday. You know Jim's Uncle Snowball, doncha? Lives up to the Twin Cities? Nice fella, for an albino. Now what was I sayin'? No, don't tell me. Oh ya, ya. So Kirk gives Spock a lookover, never havin' thought about somethin' unnatural like that. Jimmy's had more girls than you can shake a stick at. He's a real heartbreaker who's given his mother plenty of grandchildren, but none of them named Kirk, if you get my drift.

"Well," he thinks, "Spock's kinda funny lookin', like all his folks, but he's a good boy, not full of sass like a few I could name. I'd hate to lose such a good friend, especially when he's got those tickets to the ice hockey, and it can't be worse than that trip up to the lake when Sam and me durn near got bit to death by mosquitoes. And god willing, it'll be over soon and we can have a bowl of cereal and go to sleep."

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