Title: My Town
Author: Illmantrim Written For: Marcelo for the The Obscure Characters Ficathon
Character: Lex Luthor
Disclaimer: I do not own Lex Luthor, Superman, or DC Comics, more's the pity. As a result, this is intended for fun only and no monetary gain. Please do not sue. Thank you.

This is my town.

She is beautiful. Metropolis is the largest city on Earth, with more technology and resources and power than any other. It is the best and the brightest. I should know, since I built her from the paltry regular city she was into this beauty. You see, she is my town, my child, my creation. Mine.

That sounds arrogant, I suppose, but it isn't. I made this town and over the years, I have only improved it, made it bigger and better. I own it. From every walk of life to every ounce of business, I know it and feel it constantly in my blood. Every structure, every piece of steel and plastic has felt my mark.

I provide for the people of this city. I provide for them very well. Which is only natural, as I own them as well. Every man, woman, and child in this city live here on my sufferance. I provide the water, the power, the sewage treatment. I provide for their safety, their jobs, and their education. I build their homes and I build their cars. I even build their dreams and encourage them or destroy them as is my will. They owe me their lives a thousand times over, and yet I do not ask much. Merely allow me to live as I should, a king over this kingdom. They do my will, for my will is what drives this town, and my will can end it, or them.

This is my town and for years they did listen to me, and bow to me, and give me the respect I deserve. For years, I was known as the most powerful man in Metropolis, and if truth were known, one of the most powerful men in the world. I was achieving that which was rightfully mine. And they listened to, and obeyed, every word I said.

But now, they listen to it. The interloper, the fool, the dastard clown in it's cape and colors who steals their affection and the loyalty that is rightfully mine. The alien. The one they call Superman. As if it was a man, or superior in any way. It is a thing, and I will stop it. I will protect my people, even if it must be against their will. For I know better than they do.

It fools them all, but not me. I can see it for what it truly is, as what it truly must be. Even a fool could, but the fools around me refuse to see the truth. Perhaps that is what separates them from me, the will and the vision to see the truth and know what is right and what is wrong. And it is very, very wrong.

It has powers like a god's, and can do as it pleases, yet they all still believe the pretense it puts on that it's mission is to help, that it is selfless, and they call it a hero. A hero! But I know better. I have seen it's red-glowing eyes. I have felt the thread of fear when looking on an alien thing. I have felt the disgust when knowing it walks like one of us, talks like one of us, looks like one of us. And I have known the sense of betrayal when I learned I had seen and met and shaken it's hand without knowing who it was I was dealing with.

For you see, I know it's name. It's Earth name. Not that foul and stupid alien name it bears, that twists my lips to merely think it. No, I know the name it wears to escape, to fling vitriol, to act as if it could ever be a human. It is the name it wears when it wants no one to know who it is. I know it. I met it long ago, and thought it quaint. Instead, it turned out to be an invader, a betrayer, a vicious disease that has infected my world, my life, my town.

My town.

It walks amongst us and I feel violated just to know it is here. Oh I know there are other aliens, but they are all, one way or another, under monitoring. They are all accounted and detailed. It is free, it is secretive and shadowy.

I learned it's secrets, and now I must decide what to do, and how to capitalize on this. It is an enemy and a thing, a force I have come to know as intimately and powerfully as some lovers. It isn't even an ordinary enemy. It... it is the one who spreads the lie, the lie that each man is equal. That every man is equal. An old lie perhaps, but a lie nonetheless. And one it dares to spread in my town.

I know this lie, for I have heard it all my life, and always from those who would cast themselves higher than they belong. I walk at the heights because I belong their, because my genius, my right, my power, put me there. There are no equals to me. But this... thing threatens that with it's lies. And it has dared to thwart me. It hasn't yet managed to stop me, but it has earned it's place rightfully as the single thing I will dedicate myself to stopping and erasing from the face of reality before I die. I have been at the heights of power and the depths. I am now branded a criminal and a demon by it's actions. But you see, I know the truth.

It is a threat, a cancer. It is a darkness here to destroy this place, this world. It is power uncontrolled in the hands of something that cannot be trusted and cannot be known. It has even taken a mate of a human woman as if to perpetuate itself, a fact that I will not allow, whatever the cost.

I will find a way to stop it, to eradicate it from the face of the Earth. I will win back the love of my people, my town and it will rue the day it ever crawled into my town and dared to challenge me.

This Is My Town.


Author's Notes: I chose to write this in this style as I had read several comics recently from lex Luthor's side and I could see what they were saying but it seemed off a little. So, here's my take on the very much insane and yet understandable mind of Lex Luthor. Hope you all enjoyed it.

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