July 29, 2003

God, what a weekend from hell. Now, however, I am on vacation, yet partially denied easy use of the computer. Arrrrrrrrrgh!

The most disturbing thing I learned this weekend is that...that...*deep breath* my youngest brother is a Clana shipper. In fact, he watches SV, but solely because he thinks Lana is hot. Yes, that's right, my youngest brother, an 18-year-old white male smack dab in the middle of the WB's favorite demographic, is one of...them. And I couldn't even give him too hard a time about it, since he was lugging my TV into storage at the time. *sobs* I apologize, fandom, America, the cause of Good TV everywhere...

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July 17, 2003

Re: last entry

This is what I'm talking about. There are lots of reasons I'm so very glad that story isn't canon, but yet...my life would've been incomplete with this image.

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July 16, 2003


I don't care for the art on the SV comic, so I don't generally buy it, but I made an exception for the Lexcentric #3, and...

Oh. My. God.

Lionel. As. Fabio. (Western Heroic Variant.)

Has to be believed to be seen. Going to try scanning it tomorrow.

*wipes eyes*

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July 14, 2003

The streets are paved with diamonds and there's just so much to see

Had a lovely time over the weekend in NYC. I was graciously put up by Blunaris and trixiesfic (and their adorable guinea pig, Maggie) and met a number of people at the MR birthday fest, where I confessed to the general public that I am, in fact, moving from Boston to New York City at the end of next month. Sadly, neither Midtown Comics nor Forbidden Planet had the new Martian Manhunter action figure, and lo, the bitterness has entered like iron into my soul. Also, I'm depressed about poor Emma Frost, who has gone from a bustier to pasties for her series. Riding crop poised between her legs, legend "Higher education"...it's just a tad much.

I reread half of The Secret History on the way home, but it disappeared when I was getting off the bus. That's okay. That book's second half is a spectacular train wreck, anyway. (Confidential to Livia: I couldn't finish Debt to Pleasure. Since I'd figured out the secret within twenty-five pages and I despised the narrator, I couldn't see what I had to live for with it.)

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July 10, 2003

Some days, when I realize how often my mind wanders to working out smut scenarios for stories, or just to general MR-picture appreciation, while to all appearances I am busy earning a living, I am terrified at the thought of what must be going through my coworkers' minds at any given moment.

I bet a telepath would get bored of sex thoughts very, very fast.

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Each unhappy fandom is unhappy in its own way...

Although some badfic issues are universal, each fandom has its own particular plagues, a result of the potential in the source material, the trends in thinking among the show's demographic, historical trends of fanon, and the like. I'm struck more and more by one of XMM's tics, which is to reduce one or more characters to cardboard judgmental bitches who make S1 Cordelia look like the fucking Dalai Lama (tm Spike). I used to think it was a reflection of the extreme youth of the fandom--it's a very teenagerish way of thinking--but I was just now reading an otherwise enjoyable story featuring a mature presentation of adult characters that ended with an utterly gratuitous cameo by 14-year-old!Jean and Ororo, apparently intended to show how utterly misunderstood our heroine was by the cruel, cruel world. I gather from what Miss P. says that it's often an outgrowth of Jean!hate, but I've seen the same treatment applied to just about every female character out there at this point. It's a strange quirk, and a frustrating one, as it tends to stop my enjoyment of a story cold. There's just nothing subtle about it. I suppose it could be considered as the flip side of those writers who can't tell the difference between portraying a villain sympathetically and whitewashing him.

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July 09, 2003

I hate this time of year. I don't function well in the heat, and I don't sleep well, either, so the only time I'm fully conscious is for about an hour around 2 am. Things tend to fall by the wayside.

On the other hand, I did get my LFN DVDs today. I just have to locate a block of time in which I will be conscious enough to appreciate it. With the icy blue lighting, it *should* be soothing summer viewing....

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July 07, 2003

I have a long essay written in my blood about nonsense like A.S. Byatt's review of OotP, but I haven't time for it now. I will say this: the damned funniest thing about her lot is that if the same material were published 300 years in the past and labelled "folk" instead of "pop culture," you can bet they'd have nothing but respect for it.

I just--no. I won't get started on it now. But I could.

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July 05, 2003

*sigh* Who can take Darkseid, with his crappy planet, tedious sidekicks, and boring powers, seriously as a nemesis? They took the most boringest parts of Superman and made them into a villain.

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New JLA tomorrow (July 5)! Don't forget!

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Peta Wilson looks about five million times cooler as Mina Harker than Sean Connery does as Allen Quartermaine. Damnit. They should've left her in charge!

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July 04, 2003

On the 4th

I love my stupid crazy country. I love it even when it breaks my heart, as it does frequently. I love it even when it drives me nuts, as it does constantly. There aren't many other countries that would put up with the likes of me. I have to appreciate that.

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Office supply warehouse in Vegas

Had a long, involved dream in which I was...married to Draco.

He was, obviously, a young adult at the time of this dream (with longish hair). It must have been post-Voldemort, and he was no longer interested in Death Eaters. However, he was still an extraordinarily difficult person to deal with, something of a mystery to me with many characteristics I felt sharply critical of. He felt much the same about me. Which makes it all the more surprising that we were genuinely fond of each other and had real sexual chemistry (though every time we tried to have sex, we got interrupted, we certainly did try!). Draco had a much larger immediately extended family than in the books, and, naturally, they didn't at all care for me--I was sporadically a Ravenclaw, but definitely not of wizard stock, and as my family was my real-life family, the essentially working-class Ts, there were serious class issues as well. The wedding was long and elaborate, as my sister was getting married at the same time, yet went astonishingly well. Afterwards, I went to live with the Malfoys. As you might imagine, this was weird and difficult, but I won the grudging respect of some of them a few days after the wedding when I saved one of my sisters-in-law (?) or cousins from some plot.

The thing is, I don't like Draco, in the books or the fic. He's not even a character I love to hate. He's the sort I would find contemptible even if he weren't evil. Yet it was a fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable dream. Odd.

Am idly considering doing the blogathon--since I'll be free for the first time in a while--but not sure whether I'd get sponsors.

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July 03, 2003

I now have a theory that you can divide Smallville slashers between the more experienced, "we had to *look* for our subtext! Both ways! Uphill! In the snow!" contingent and the newer, "What's *sub*text?" crowd, by whether they need to have it pointed out to them that the basketball game in "Prodigal" was gayer than the gayest thing in Gaydonia.

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July 02, 2003

"Do you know, I think that Dr. Swift was silly to laugh about Laputa. I
believe it is a mistake to make a mock of people, just because they think.
There are ninety thousand people in this world who do not think, for every
one who does, and these people hate the thinkers like poison. Even if some
thinkers are fanciful, it is wrong to make fun of them for it. Better to
think about cucumbers even, than not to think at all."

-- T.H. White

I prefer to think about pickles, myself, but I still wanted to get this passage somewhere I could easily refer to it. It depresses me, sometimes, the energy fans, especially female fans, devote to attacking other fans for daring to think too much or care too much about their fannish passion. It smacks ultimately of a kind of self-contempt which is quite sad. To spend so much energy in fandom yet begrudge giving your brain or your heart to it, to the point that you bitterly resent and attack people who do, strikes me as a sterile pursuit indeed.

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