January 10, 2005

NIGHTWING: A Darker Shade of Justice

NIGHTWING: A Darker Shade of Justice. (Writer: Chuck Dixon. Art: Scott McDaniel & Karl Story.) This, the fourth of the NIGHTWING trades, is its most appealing so far, as Dixon visibly relaxes with the material. Despite the continuing grim realities of Nightwing's superhero life, there's a more playful air here which suits the character well. Dick is starting to find his footing in Bludhaven and make some headway on his issues--which gives the reader a much-needed breather. In addition, there's an improvement in Dick's fortunes in love, a development handled with real charm and a surprisingly light touch. The trade also introduces two of Dick's more amusing opponents, two girl acrobats from a Cirque du Soleil knockoff. McDaniel's art continues to be cartoony, but it's slowly grown more sleek and more clearly suited to the character--though it can still be very difficult to follow the action in any fight scene. The cover featuring Dick grappling with the acrobats is a knockout, managing to be fanservice to male and female readers alike without any unnecessary explicitness. Worth buying if you're a fan.

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