March 27, 2004

"To smite is to go upside the head."

PSA: Stay away from the 34th St. Loews on Saturday nights. It's ghettotastic.

The Ladykillers is an odd combination of broad physical and black humor that reminds me of a book I'm currently slowly working my way through, Halldor Laxness's Iceland's Bell. On the one hand, you have jokes about Irritable Bowel Syndrome; on the other, the dry underlying implication that we're all bound for the garbage island in the end. I agree with the reviewers who said it was uneven or "loose," but Tom Hanks's performance really is quite a comic treat, and Irma P. Hall is charming. And was that an uncredited cameo from Eddie Murphy as the choir director? (Maybe...)

If I hear one more complaint about the unfaithfulness of the adaption of the original, I'm going to scream--Ealing Studios has a fine early body of work, especially, to my mind, The Lavender Hill Mob, but I doubt many people under the age of 60 have actually seen them. If you just re-film the earlier movie, there's no point in making it. Sheesh.

At any rate, I enjoyed it, in a skewed sort of way, but it's not a conventional comedy. If you're an Ethan Rayne fan, you may want to check it out.

Posted by Sarah T. at March 27, 2004 10:52 PM | TrackBack

Well, it had hilarious moments. At the same time it was painful to watch Irma P. Hall heave herself up and down the stairs on her poor bowed legs. Also, maybe it was my liberal bleeding pinko commie heart protesting but I felt a kind of racist voyeurism watching the Wayans character and the Vietnamese tunnel king. Even tho they provided my biggest laughs.

Posted by: Der Shpiekel at April 10, 2004 01:08 PM
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