Giles in faded black and white

Odd Shoe
Giles faces his destiny with a little assistance from an unexpected quarter

A ritual is what you say it is
(Rated R)

Serves in a Whirlwind
Giles struggles to keep life in Sunnydale under control after Buffy runs away

so where were the spiders...
Diedre writes her last letter
(Dead Letters challenge)
(Rated R)

Like Myself More
Ethan writes his last letter (Dead Letters challenge)

Common Ground
Giles and Dawn's infamous "talk about boys" from "I Was Made to Love You"

Vital Signs
Giles deals with Joyce's death
(Rated R)

The Complement of Hell
Giles made his own demand of the Council in "Checkpoint"
(Rated NC-17)

Nice Is Different Than Good
Following the spiral of his addiction downwards, Riley runs into someone
(Rated R)

Folie a Deux
Giles went home, as he'd initially intended, after "Buffy vs. Dracula"
(Rated R) [Special warning: schmoop produced by excessive worrying about a character's well-being. ]

Anywhere But Here
Dawn takes a field trip and has educational fun

Into Pitch
Seven virtues, seven drabbles
(Seven Virtues challenge)

Extreme, and Scatt'ring Bright
Spike learns to settle

Cure for Pain
Ethan discovers a new drug

All Tomorrow's Parties
For Thursday's child is Sunday's clown, for whom none will go mourning

Messengers of Grey
Oz prowls in London
(Rated NC-17)

All Work and No Play
Giles. Ethan. Xander. Jack Daniels. ...And Milton Bradley?
(Rated R)

Giles tries to barter

The Boy in the Bubble
Oz keeps his cool

Figuring It All Out
A new threat menaces Buffy and her friends; can they enlist Spike's help?

Carpe Diem
Oz keeps panicking

Poster Boy
Xander copes with Sunnydale media

A Stranger and a Sojourner
What is left for Giles to believe in?

Til It Bleeds Daylight
"People have tried."
(Rated R)

A coven in Devon? I'd like to test that theory...

Lindsey discovers just how high a price he may have to pay for putting his faith in Wolfram & Hart

Minst'ring Angel Thou
Three "Angel" characters were admitted to the hospital the night of "Shanshu"...

And A Dollar Short
Gunn learns that nice guys finish last

Intrateam communication is facilitated

Wesley has made a decision; Gunn finds out

Glamour Boys
Wesley really should know better by now

Some people actually did redefine themselves during the "beige" arc